Let’s move forward, with faith and progress forward


Peace be upon you, I am an Egyptian citizen and political activist.  My name is Ramandan ?  I would like to say to the Egyptian nation, let’s move forward with faith and progress, God-willing.  If Egypt is healthy, the entire Arab nation is healthy.  And if Egypt dies, the entire Arab nation dies.  I say to the people,  Egypt will not die, and Egypt is alive and will continue to be alive until the end of time and is moving towards progress with the assigning of a new prime minister.  wish him and all those who are sincere and honourable. Upwards and onwards Egypt, onwards in leading the (Arab) nation towards liberty and liberation and everything God willing. Thank you.




“Peace be upon you, Captain Mamdouh speaking, I have very important documents attested from on how to abort the Egyptian protests and theses documents are attested by the and Al Adly this corrupt and I have this documents on the internet and I don’t know whom to send these documents to I would like someone to call me on this number in Italy 0039392714624″

Where are the guilty parties?


I want to ask : where are the regime’s guilty parties ? Where is Ahmad Ezz, who has been controlling the state’s assets and people’s cash? Where is Gamal Mubarak now ? The president’s son, who has been leading a most corrupt life? Where is he? Is he orchestrating the attacks on the Egyptians from his house in London? And with the money of the Egyptians? Where is Safwat Sherif who said that “the requests of the Egyptians’ protesters are sacred”… and here come our requests: riding camels, horses and boxed cars loaded with rocks. Where are they now? They are a bunch of deceitful liars, of hypocrites. They do nothing but cease the opportunities given to them by Mubarak. Down with Mubarak and down with his regime!

Expat fears


I am an Egyptian citizen, I fear that if I disclose my name, security forces will persecute me, I work in Saudi, is it reasonable that I leave my country and pay the visa fee of 13 or 14 thousand E.P, and come here and also fail to find a job, and then go to the market to search for a job, just so the security forces and police and the passport department run after after me, me and others?  And is it reasonable that I have to leave my country , to find business men of my country hiring Philippines and Thai and Indonesian workers, while there are many who are fit to work in my country. Down with Husni Mubarak, and I urge the youth to continue in Tahrir Square and in all cities, and I hope my word reaches the whole world.  And to Obama, Obama  just say it and don’t be a coward, peace be upon you.

translation @hananzubi

a war criminal… holding on to power


At the moment people are attacking each other, Moubarak’s men are attacking the citizens and the citizens are attacking them back. This man should be tried as a war criminal after what he’s been doing. He could have eased the situation from the start but no, he’s holding on to power, he’s holding on to power…

Translation @bibijou

Help the Egyptian Youth

I beg you to help the Egyptian Youth.  Help the Egyptian Youth.
I’m calling upon every official, upon Obama, upon the European Union:
Help every Egyptian in Tahrir Square that has been there for a week.
Have Mercy on us! Obama needs to come out and tell him (Mubarak) and  The European Union needs to tell him to go to hell, to fall into disaster.  Thank you.

The leader of Chaos!


Hosni Mubarak says that he’s a leader, and a president. You are the leader of chaos,the president of chaos! You love chaos, without it you wouldn’t continue to be a president to this time, you’re a big chaotic who loves chaos and clowning, you are the biggest clown and the people of Egypt would not let a clown to preside them, because the people of Egypt would not be a clown anymore. Down, down, down, the mask you were hiding behind is down already! Down! Down you chaotic, chaos is the motto of chaotic people and you are the chaos motto.

translation, @safae1704