A call to stand up against the enemy, from Yasser


Dear brothers, dear family, dear friends, I kiss your hands and the hands of your brothers in Tahrir Square.  Dear family, friends, brothers! I beg you.  The criminals have attacked them.   I beg you, help your brothers protesting in Tahrir Square.  Brothers, colleagues, family, friends, rise up to the aid of your brothers protesting in Tahrir Square.  Right now and in this moment,  they are being attacked by the criminal security guards and they were attacked by the corrupted members of the NDP. I beg you my brothers, rise up to help your protesting brothers in Meydan El Tahrir now. If this revolution dies, then all our demands we achieved on ground would vanish. I beg you my brothers, help and rescue your brothers at Meydan Al Tahrir from the dogs of the tyrant NDP and corrupt the security guards. They are surrounding them from every side and angle. I beg you brothers rise up today. Come down now. Today is your day, and this stand is yours. Stand next to us now to grab freedom against the tyrant, criminal, enemy of God Hosni Mubarak. I beg of you my brothers, rise up. Where are you men of Egypt. Come down from your homes, bring your weapons, your knives to kill those enemies. I beg you brothers, oh brothers.  Your brother, Yasser.


Don’t ever look back


May God be with you oh youth of Egypt. You have made Egypt proud and the whole world is talking about you. You have conducted the biggest revolution in the world and the most beautiful revolution in the world and the best youth in the world. Continue and God be with you, and don’t ever look back!! The regime is now on it’s last leg, it has fallen today, it fell when it sent you it’s horses and camels, this means it has finished, I swear it is finished!! It finished from last Friday!! all due to your sacrifices … be patient, God is with you and all of you are the countries heroes!! you are the ones who will rebuild the country and start a new government, not the oldies that are already in the various political parties. God be with you and God make you victorious. continue your plight and dont ever look back! Egypt’s future is in your hands.. God be with you and God make you victorious. Thank you.

Screaming: They are killing us!


Oh my God!  Oh God Oh God Oh God!  We are in Tahrir Square and they are killing us!  The thugs are killing us!  Oh my God!  May God destroy your homes you sons of dogs!  Oh my god oh my god, they are killing us, they are butchering/slaughtering us!  (cuts off).

Bassem from Doha

This is Bassem Ahmad, again, from Duha. What is happening right now in Egypt is wrong, Husni Mubarak has sent out thugs and security officers disguised in civilian clothes on horses to step on the citizens, to scare them, hit them and torture them in the middle of the square. This is wrong. What we have reached from the 21st to today, we can never give up. Husni Mubarak must leave. He must! The entire regime must leave. The constitution must change! He must cancel the emergency law! The parliament must dissolve! The Egyptian people must regain their dignity. Oh Egyptians, anyone who listens to this Tweet, you must support our cause. Talk to the person next to you, go out in protest in your city, spread this on Facebook – do not be silent! Oh Egyptians, we need to preserve our rights and our dignity. What’s happening is not right, the state we’ve reached is shameful. We are now humiliated everywhere in the world, it’s not right. And what about our brothers? Where will the blood of the martyrs go? 300 dead, one thousand injured: Khalid Said, Sayid Bilal, Ahmad Shaban: these people – will their blood be in vain? Each one of us must support the cause – the cause of the revolution of the free young men of Egypt. The revolution that was not started by the Brotherhood or any other opposition party! We all must support it! We all must support it and God will give us success! Long Live Egypt!

from Zeitoun

I am from the Zeitoun area – the street is full of thugs supporting Mubarak. Write it on Twitter! Write it on Al-Jazeera! Write it on Facebook! He sent out thugs to defend him and support him! Write it, please! Write it and broadcast it on Al-Jazeera! He sent out thugs to defend him! He sent out thugs to defend him! He sent them out, that son of a dog, to defend him!

Mubarak, scratch that, Mugabe

President Muhammad Husni Mubarak has turned into president Husni Mugabe, he is using thugs and prisoners to kill their Egyptian brothers so he can stay in power. For whose gain? For whose gain? It’s for the Americans that want the regime to remain to protect Israel. It’s for the business men that have robbed Egypt, robbed its natural resources and left nothing but bread crumbs for the rest of the Egyptians. He wants to ignite a civil war so he can stay in power, I beg the Shaykh of Al-Azhar, this kind Shaykh, to declare among the people the illegitimacy of this unjust ruler who wishes to kill his people to remain in power. And peace be upon you.

Mira from South Carolina

I would like to say to the Egyptian people that Husni Mubarak is saying he will resign in 7 or 8 months, but youth of Egypt, he’s just trying to put you to sleep, to trick you. My opinion is that you leave him trapped like this, not able to leave because of the people, so he can feel the entrapment that he has forced on people. He left the government to treat the people in a terrible way, without caring. let him feel the entrapment and injustice until he leaves. If you resign your position now, he will change his mind and say ‘I tricked you!’. He’s only saying this so that people will calm down, so that he wouldn’t have to resign. God is with you and a thousand congratulations to Egypt right now. God willing, He will grant you victory against him and his injustice and affliction. I am Mira, I live in America, in Charlseton, South Carolina.