Hello, I am trying my best and asking for all your efforts to help with translations.  So far myself and my wonderful friend Eman have done the translations here, with Suby doing photo translations.  All of the translations were done by myself and Eman unless otherwise noted.   To the people at Google doing translations, please contact me so I can post some of the translations from efforts there here, so we can reach more people!

Please send your translations, corrections and requests and questions for us to


Thank you



6 responses to “speak2tweet

  1. it’s a great service – thanks for giving Egypts’ people a voice in the world!

    little suggest:
    pls. emped the speak2tweets directly into the blog instead of linking them – that would feel “more direct” for the public…

    Greez from Germany 😉

  2. I wish I spoke Arabic so I could help! Thank you sooooo much for doing this! It is important work!

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