Expat fears


I am an Egyptian citizen, I fear that if I disclose my name, security forces will persecute me, I work in Saudi, is it reasonable that I leave my country and pay the visa fee of 13 or 14 thousand E.P, and come here and also fail to find a job, and then go to the market to search for a job, just so the security forces and police and the passport department run after after me, me and others?  And is it reasonable that I have to leave my country , to find business men of my country hiring Philippines and Thai and Indonesian workers, while there are many who are fit to work in my country. Down with Husni Mubarak, and I urge the youth to continue in Tahrir Square and in all cities, and I hope my word reaches the whole world.  And to Obama, Obama  just say it and don’t be a coward, peace be upon you.

translation @hananzubi

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