Not the Egypt I know (in English)

Very powerful message spoken in English.  Should be one to be translated into Spanish or French or any other languages to reach outside of America.

Hi this is (name not clear) speaking from Cairo These days are very tough for me on a personal level because I never expected this to happen in Egypt. This is not the Egypt I know. We are stuck at home for 18 hours everyday. Businesses have stopped, everything is torched down. people are defending their own homes, they’re standing in front of buildings with big wooden sticks and pipes and broomsticks and anything they can find at home. Im afraid to go to join the protesters in Tahrir Square. Im afraid to leave my family back home. Im afraid my house would get broken into and stolen.  I really don’t know what to do I mean I wish I was as brave as these people out on the streets. We’re cut off from the internet and its a mess, a whole mess. I hope this calms down and I hope the government and the president realize that Egypt is going down the drain and do something to stop it. Even if its something against their own arrogance and ego. Pray for Egypt.


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