Mira from South Carolina

I would like to say to the Egyptian people that Husni Mubarak is saying he will resign in 7 or 8 months, but youth of Egypt, he’s just trying to put you to sleep, to trick you. My opinion is that you leave him trapped like this, not able to leave because of the people, so he can feel the entrapment that he has forced on people. He left the government to treat the people in a terrible way, without caring. let him feel the entrapment and injustice until he leaves. If you resign your position now, he will change his mind and say ‘I tricked you!’. He’s only saying this so that people will calm down, so that he wouldn’t have to resign. God is with you and a thousand congratulations to Egypt right now. God willing, He will grant you victory against him and his injustice and affliction. I am Mira, I live in America, in Charlseton, South Carolina.

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