Message to those employed in the Suez Canal

I want to call on those employed in the Suez Canal, we need to have a strike immediately. The entire world is afraid the Suez Canal may stop working, the biggest companies in the world are waiting to see if anything will happen. This is the thorn with which we can break America, this is the thorn that is ours and that no one can break. This is the thorn that will turn the world against Mubarak and have them asking him to leave. We really need a strike in the Suez Canal and strikes in all of Egypt’s ports – the port of Alexandria, the port of the Suez Canal, all the ports of Egypt need to stop operating. God willing, even if we do this for only ten minutes you will see what will happen. The whole world will turn against Husni Mubarak, they will ask him to leave – the first of them will be Israel and America. I am telling you, all companies are waiting to see if anything happens, watching the Suez Canal and the Egyptian ports. We will break them. We are not insignificant, what we are doing is no small matter, and what we are going through is not a small matter, we are not  insignificant. They are the ones making us insignificant and not letting the world see what’s happening to us. Everything has been effected by the revolution in Egypt, it has effected the whole world. The stock market has dropped, not just in Egypt but everywhere. Listen to me, if we do a strike, everyone will ask Mubarak to step down – all the political powers that deal with him will tell him- they will be the ones kissing his hand. Just ten minutes, and you will see what will happen.

Translation by Eman

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