Bassem from Doha
This is Bassem Ahmad, again, from Duha. What is happening right now in Egypt is wrong, Husni Mubarak has sent out thugs and security officers disguised in civilian clothes on horses to step on the citizens, to scare them, hit them and torture them in the middle of the square. This is wrong. What we have reached from the 21st to today, we can never give up. Husni Mubarak must leave. He must! The entire regime must leave. The constitution must change! He must cancel the emergency law! The parliament must dissolve! The Egyptian people must regain their dignity. Oh Egyptians, anyone who listens to this Tweet, you must support our cause. Talk to the person next to you, go out in protest in your city, spread this on Facebook – do not be silent! Oh Egyptians, we need to preserve our rights and our dignity. What’s happening is not right, the state we’ve reached is shameful. We are now humiliated everywhere in the world, it’s not right. And what about our brothers? Where will the blood of the martyrs go? 300 dead, one thousand injured: Khalid Said, Sayid Bilal, Ahmad Shaban: these people – will their blood be in vain? Each one of us must support the cause – the cause of the revolution of the free young men of Egypt. The revolution that was not started by the Brotherhood or any other opposition party! We all must support it! We all must support it and God will give us success! Long Live Egypt!

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