To Hosny Mubarak
This message is directed to the removed president, Husni Mubarak. You have ruled 30 years and are not 82 years old. Is all that not enough? I heard you say in your last address that you were with the people. The people have issued their opinion of you. If you had any ounce of shame, if you had an ounce of sympathy for these people, you would have resigned today to protect these people who do not deserve all this from you. So to preserve their blood, hurry your resignation. You are leaving, leaving, leaving. You are certainly going to be a blot on the conscience of history. The world has not witnessed a popular revolution like this one, it has surpassed all revolutions before it. The people of Egypt will write its name with letters of light in the records of the greats, and your end will be among the neglected and forgotten of history.

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