Mona Saif from Cairo

Hi I am Mona Saif I am calling to tell you that our last connection of our internet providers has been cut off and we heard that our cell phone lines are going to cut off too.  So I just wanted to call to tell you that if you dont hear from us not to worry.  We are going to Tahrir Square and we’re going to join the movement and Mubarak is going to leave this country and don’t worry about us.  I don’t feel worried and for the first time I don’t care what they are doing . We all know what is going to happen and what is going to happen tomorrow.  That’s all.  I just wanted to say hi to my brother and his wife since we didn’t get a chance to talk before they cut off the internet. Have a good night and we’ll see you tomorrow.

One response to “Mona Saif from Cairo

  1. Mona, I just heard your moving interview on Al-Jazeera tonight. You moved me to tears. May God bless your work towards democracy…and to all Egyptians — someone here in Arizona loves and supports you all. I am sorry I can’t help. Thank you for the coverage.

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