Message for AlJazeera and Hassan Yousef
I would have liked to say my word to the Al-Jazeera channel. I congratulate them for the great efforts they’ve been exerting, and I would like to tell them that this despicable government’s blocking of their broadcasts in Egypt is a badge of honor for all those employed by this great channel. Second I would like to direct this remark to the respected artist Hassan Yousuf, whom I sadly heard talking about this beautiful youth and the sectors of the Egyptian public. He should not have said they were simply stupid people being influenced and tricked and asked the President not to “get mad at them”. It is shameful for him to be so patronizing, these are crucial moments where we should be wishing the best for our country. If anyone with an ounce of patriotism, was in Mubarak’s place, he would have resigned to save this homeland. -Husain Albadrawi

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