like the dripping faucet… beautiful. half translation

(some text missing, only 3/4 translated)
to the young people that are in tahrir sqaure, to the egyptians that are in egypt, in every place in every country in every city

come out!  and help your brthers in tahrir square.  tomorrow is a great day in egypt’s history!  a great day in egypt’s history!  get rid of the coward in his palace and hides inside and doesnt come outside, get rid of him.  don’t bother with him!

the people have their demands/requests clear, and they

it is like the dripping faucet that drips and drips until the water explodes out of it

after a while he will say it is over.

he is a cheater and coward, you dont need him, keep on going!  we are all with you

in every place in egypt and on every screen and in every channel except for the poisonous coward channels in egypt that dont even deserve to be called channels

continue continue continue!


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