If you are a real Egyptian and care for this country then leave it


I urge the Egyptian people once again: What is a transitional government that the president holds? Why doesn’t he resign from power and let the people, military and elections alone. You need to leave the country, what are you waiting for? You have been here for 30 years? What else do you want from Egypt? What is making you stay? The people do not want you. Enough! Let the people decide who should be in power and who to elect. Let there be clean elections and stability in Egypt. Right now there is destruction, it’s clear that you don’t love Egypt. The protests will continue, continue, continue until you resign from power and leave Egypt. This is what it will be like. Every day that he is here without legitimacy, will be a loss for the country, for you, for me, for everyone. He’s just one person against 85 million. It’s not right for one person to oppose the will of 85 million people, souls. Oh President, with all due respect because you’re an Egyptian citizen, you could not manage this country. You took it over when it was booming after the war, and you destroyed it. Your entourage around you and the rich people were the only ones to benefit from Egypt’s wealth and prosperity. The rest of the people are tired. President, please, please if you are a real Egyptian and care for this country then leave it. The country will not be silenced until you leave.

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