For the fallen artist, Hassan Yusuf and Nile TV
This is my message to the National TV and Nile TV: if I were you, I would hide from the eyes of the people and been ashamed of myself. What do you say to the victorious public tomorrow? How can you defend a regime that has fed the Egyptian people humiliation and indignity. How do you spread these lies? What will you say to the Egyptian people tomorrow? That will certainly be victorious. That will certainly victorious! That will certainly reach its desires. We are ready to present a million martyrs for a new era. Victory is coming, God willing. Tomorrow awaits those who await it. My second message is for this fallen artist, Hassan Yusuf. You have lied to us twice; once saying you are religion and now again with your ugly presence. You have defaced our religion with your trickery and hypocrisy. And peace be upon you all.


Translation Eman

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