Ahmed from Cairo


Hello, I am Ahmed from Cairo. I’m calling from next to Tahrir Square. First I want to thank the army for the great message that they’ve sent to the Egyptians, in which they announced that they won’t resort to violence against the protestors, and that has encouraged us all to come out. Even though it no longer matters to us, whether or not they resort to violence. We are all freedom fighters. And the second thing is that they support the demands of the public and this is great, even though we want a civilian government in the end, and we know that they understands this. The second thing I want to say is that the government is now spreading rumors that there will be chaos and that the army will open fire on the public.
I am telling the Egyptians don’t believe these words.  We are a different people now and this doesn’t matter or affect us.  God willing tomorrow will be a day of judgement and God and your prayers are with us and god willing tomorrow the dictator will leave  and there will be democracy and Egypt will return to peace and leadership.

with half translation by @aisaad

One response to “Ahmed from Cairo

  1. I pray for you. Around the world we hope you can have a true democracy.
    Be careful of religous extremism like in Iran. Then you are going from bad to worse. PEACE BE WITH YOU.

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